mércores, 3 de xullo de 2019

Scotland’s Democratic Future: Shaping Scotland’s Citizens’ Assembly, hosted by Electoral Reform Society Scotland #ScotlandisNow #Scotland #Politics #CitizensAssembly #8thJuly

The Scottish Government has proposed a Citizens’ Assembly on Scotland’s future, providing an opportunity for greater citizen engagement on issues facing the country. A Citizens’ Assembly in Scotland provides the opportunity to democratically work through complex constitutional issues in a way that fosters consensus and understanding rather than division in society. But what is a Citizens' Assembly?

This panel will be a chance to share and learn about how citizens’ assemblies work in general, and how Scotland’s will function in particular.

Speakers include:

Joanna Cherry MP QC
Dr Jess Garland (Electoral Reform Society)
Dr Oliver Escobar (University of Edinburgh)
Professor David Farrell (Research leader of the Irish Citizens' Assembly)
Louise Caldwell (Irish Citizens' Assembly member)
Lesley Riddoch (Journalist)
Hosted by Edinburgh University and the Electoral Reform Society.

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