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Cambados 2019 - #OCarme2019 #SeaWorkers #Fishermen #Galicia #SinQuererDos

Un ano máis moitísimas grazas aos patróns do Novo Rosymar pola invitación, este ano moi especial e coa memoria posta naqueles que perderon a vida no Sin Querer Dos.

Procession in Cambados (Galicia) to celebrate the Patron Saint of the Sea Workers and Fishermen. Special tribute to those who died last year on board the boat Sin Querer Dos.

Video in English

Video en Galego

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Scotland’s Democratic Future: Shaping Scotland’s Citizens’ Assembly, hosted by Electoral Reform Society Scotland #ScotlandisNow #Scotland #Politics #CitizensAssembly #8thJuly

The Scottish Government has proposed a Citizens’ Assembly on Scotland’s future, providing an opportunity for greater citizen engagement on issues facing the country. A Citizens’ Assembly in Scotland provides the opportunity to democratically work through complex constitutional issues in a way that fosters consensus and understanding rather than division in society. But what is a Citizens' Assembly?

This panel will be a chance to share and learn about how citizens’ assemblies work in general, and how Scotland’s will function in particular.

Speakers include:

Joanna Cherry MP QC
Dr Jess Garland (Electoral Reform Society)
Dr Oliver Escobar (University of Edinburgh)
Professor David Farrell (Research leader of the Irish Citizens' Assembly)
Louise Caldwell (Irish Citizens' Assembly member)
Lesley Riddoch (Journalist)
Hosted by Edinburgh University and the Electoral Reform Society.

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iScot Magazine is now crowdfunding #Scotland #iScotMagazine #Crowdfunding #Indyref

@iScotNews is now crowdfunding
Have a look at this amazing magazine and give as much as you can
#ScotlandIsNow #ScotlandCan

Entrevista con Steven H. Emerman / Interview with Steven H. Emerman #Mining #Hidrology #MinaTouroOPino #SanFins #Riotinto

Steven H. Emerman, científico y consultor especializado en "balsas mineras enfermas" ha visitado Galicia y participado en múltiples actividades después de su visita a Huelva donde tuvo oportunidad de visitar Riotinto. Su visita se ha visto envuelta en polémica por los ataques de la empresa Cobre San Rafael.

He tenido el placer de entrevistarlo y preguntarle sobre los proyectos de Riotinto, Mina de Touro y San Fins.

Steven H. Emerman is a full-time Consultant specializing in Groundwater and Mining. 

He was visiting Galicia invited by the "Platform Mina Touro-O Pino NON" and "Contraminacción".
We spoke to him about the polemic with the mining projects in Riotinto (Huelva), Touro-O Pino & San Fins (Noia)



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Entrevista con Aurora Magán _ Enfermeiras Eventuais en Loita #Sergas #SanidadePública #Saúde

Son moitos os colectivos de profesionais sanitarios esixindo ao Goberno Galego que os escoite e atenda as súas reclamacións que buscan melloras laborais e de atención á cidadanía. A calidade da Sanidade Pública ten que ser máxima e universal. 

Tiven o pracer de falar con Aurora Magán do colectivo de Enfermeiras Eventuais en Loita. 
Dende esta plataforma todo o noso apoio

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The Spanish Veto Myth: The failure of a far right conspiracy - #TheSpanishVetoMyth #Indyref2 #EUMembership #BetterTogetherLies

It was 2011 when the SNP won the election. Alex Salmond became the First Minister of Scotland and he committed to an independence referendum.

In Spain, where a party manifesto can be ignored after any election, the idea of Salmond doing what he had promised was not only a surprise but a novelty.

In 2012, when it became crystal clear that Scotland was to decide its future in an exemplary campaign, many Spanish politicians, especially from the Popular Party, started to act like they always do: interfering in external affairs.

The Catalan case was also growing and some thought that it would be a very bad idea to allow a referendum of independence in Scotland. So, I remember well the first article in El Confidencial suggesting that there had been talks between civil servants and diplomatic sources about trying to stop that referendum and the sharing of their concerns with the UK Government.

Very soon the game of whether a Spanish veto would be likely or unlikely was adopted by the British Media and it got worse when the referendum was about to take place. We all remember that malicious intervention by Mr. Barroso on the Marr Show or the so badly translated interview of Mr. Rajoy in El País, playing with words without clarifying whether Spain would veto Scotland´s EU membership or not. It was all nonsense but it served to convince enough people to stop Scotland winning its independent status.

I don´t remember though any mention of the BBC or the MSM asking questions or getting clear official answers about this issue. I don´t remember any British journalist speaking directly with the Spanish Minister and asking him what the official position was.

If those journalists had done their job and had watched the sessions in the Spanish Congress, they could have clarified what the real answer was. But instead they played the card of confusion because they knew the issue of EU membership was an essential one.

Mr. González Pons has been the famous face of the Spanish Veto Myth. Ruth Davidson was never asked about her secret meetings with the Popular Party and their joint international campaign against independence.

Ruth Davidson didn´t just participate in these meetings but positively encouraged external interference in a very democratic process.

Now we see the polemic of the Spanish Consul. He didn´t say anything offensive or false. He was doing what a representative of the Spanish State must do: clarify the official position already shared by not one but three different Foreign Ministers (Mr. Margallo, Mr. Dastis and the latest, Mr. Borrell).

The Spanish Consul, Mr. Vecino said to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo:
“Contrary to what has been reported I have never made any political management without the knowledge of the Minister and the Embassy whom I have kept punctually informed and in detail such that there has never been the least reproach or criticism from either of them”
And he continued: “On the contrary, collaboration on political issues has always been excellent with both, as proven by the numerous e-mails exchanged”

When the reaction to something written by the Spanish Consul is followed by an article about the problems of the Consulate and his destitution, something clearly stinks.

We didn´t have to wait very long to know what had happened.

The Spanish newspaper Vox Populi explained that it was a phone call and a complaint from the Foreign Office that had caused the immediate cessation of the Consul.

It was the Herald Scotland where this entire nasty episode all started. The Herald Scotland was incapable of rectifying an article published with the last comment from González Pons; in fact, the Herald was incapable of showing how politically insignificant the Spanish MEP is. He is not in government. González Pons is no one.

The Herald, once again, published this non-news not for the importance of what González Pons was saying but to damage the now super strong case of the Scottish Government in Europe. What poor journalism and toxic propaganda against the interests of the people of Scotland. Shame on them!

Everyone knows in Spain that the Scottish people were lied to about the Spanish Veto. Everyone knows that Europe looks with sweetness towards the Scottish case.

The only politician who has shown seriousness and respect and has been coherent is the First Minister of Scotland. She is very well considered all over the World and I have no doubt she will be seen as a true leader in further negotiations with the EU.

Could Spain try to veto Scotland? No way! In a no-deal Brexit scenario Scotland will be very welcome in the EU. And remember, Brussels will be able to openly support an independent Scotland once the UK is out of the EU.

I´ve said this several times but Spain really owes the people of Scotland a sincere and formal apology. The damage caused by the Popular Party members is obvious and well known. They don´t understand democracy, they don´t respect the rules.

González Pons and others have been changing their position (sometimes yes, sometimes no) and their statements depending on their own party interests and they have had the support of many journalists incapable of doing their job of checking the information. It looks like they are acting as a platform for certain organizations. We have seen something very similar with Ruth Davidson in Scotland.

If they think they can “Catalanize” the Scottish case, they should think again.
First of all because the Spanish conservative politicians have achieved the highest levels of corruption and deterioration and they have been trying to hide this by creating an enormous problem with the Catalan process.

Secondly, we all know Spain has a written Constitution that has made it impossible to present any alternatives as realistic. It was the overall majority government of the Popular Party that didn´t respect either the Catalan Statute or the Spanish Constitution and all their strategy has caused their electoral debacle and the improvement of the pro-independence Catalan parties. We have a saying in Galicia: “Se non queres caldo, sete tazas” (“If you don´t want broth, well then - seven bowls full”)

And finally, we are now waiting for the sentence of the Supreme Court for the Catalan leaders, the political prisoners. The shadow of no confidence in the Spanish judiciary is very long. I can´t see Scots Law and the Judges in Scotland playing that card; that would be, indeed, the end of the Union.

Meanwhile as I’m writing this article, I see Boris Johnson could become the new Tory Prime Minister making the no-deal Brexit scenario more likely. Dear Scotland, run, run as fast as you can. Your friends in Europe will be supporting you as always. Go for it and start a new chapter of your admirable history. Grasp the thistle, Scotland. Now is the time!

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A mentira descuberta do veto español contra Escocia #Indyref2 #Scotland #TheSpanishVetoMyth #ScotlandinEurope #TheNational #FoI

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Full Scottish - Scotland Counts - 26/05/2019 #EUElections2019 #ScotlandCounts #DeniedmyVote

This week, we are bringing you your Full Scottish a bit later to coincide with the EU Elections in a special Scotland Counts programme.

Lewis Cedar will be in the studio with guests and we hope to be bringing you reports from the Highlands count in Dingwall with Victoria Johnson and from the count in Ayr with Corri Wilson.
As polling has been taking place all across Europe, we will have reports and discussions about what is happening in the rest of Europe with Pilar Fernandez live from Galicia.

We will continue until all the Scottish results are in across Scotland, except for the Western Isles which will be counted tomorrow morning, but we hope by the end of this evening to give you a picture of what the results in Scotland will be.

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A Conselleira De Medio Ambiente Recoñece Que A Mina De Touro É Un Macroproxecto Vía Cadena Ser Galicia #MinaTouroOPinoNON #Galicia #MegaMinería #MedioAmbiente

First Minister of Scotland's Statement // Declaración oficial da Primeira Ministra escocesa #Brexit #Scotland #Indyref2 #ScotlandinEurope

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As redeiras de Portosín denuncian o abandono total de Portos de Galicia -- #NavedeRedes #PortosdeGalicia #ConselleríadoMar #PortodoSon #Portosín #Redeiras #Mar

Esta entrevista foi realizada o pasado mércores, 17 de abril e xa levaban unha semana nestas condicións. A día de hoxe comunícanme que non só continúan igual senón que o xenerador de luz que lles prometeron aínda non apareceu e nin se lle espera. 
Os barcos teñen que repostar en portos de Muros ou Porto do Son e o persoal que ven de mariscar dúchase en auga fría e nin Portos de Galicia nin a Consellería do Mar moven un dedo. 


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Entrevista con Alberto Paz - Asociación #LongHope // Interview with Alberto Paz, Long Hope Association #FormerSailors #Pensions #Norway #Noruega #HHRR

Un pracer coma sempre entrevistar a Alberto Paz Viñas da Asociación Long Hope.

Que necesario que estes homes e mulleres teñan o total apoio dos Gobernos central e autonómico. É de xustiza que Noruega lles pague as súas pensións. Unha vez máis dende esta plataforma o noso apoio e a nosa solidariedade 


Thousands of Galician former sailors of the Merchant fleet are still fighting for a fair pension. I spoke to Alberto Paz, spokesperson for the Long Hope Association 

Podedes contactar coa Asociación Long Hope neste link 
You can contact the Long Hope Association here

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A irmandade escocesa / The Scottish brother and sisterhood #ScotlandisNow #ScotlandinEurope #EUCitizens

Carta aberta da Primeira Ministra escocesa aos cidadáns europeos anunciando apoio práctico do seu Goberno:
"Este é o voso fogar, sodes benvid@s aquí, valoramos a vosa contribución e queremos que vos quededes aquí"

Nesta páxina do podedes atopar toda a información e apoio se estades vivindo ou traballando en Escocia (ou queredes vivir e traballar en Escocia 😉)

More info:

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Congratulations Wren and Karl - #500milestoWestminster - They did it! #Parabéns!

Wren Chapman e Karl J. Claridge veñen de camiñar 500 millas dende Edimburgo a Londres onde se vive un ambiente tenso polo Brexit. Aquí volo explico: 

martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

Article of opinion: BREXIT: AND WHAT NOW? By Pilar Fernández #BrexitShambles #Scotland #Expats #EUCitizens #EUNationals #Indyref2

Between 2011 and 2014 the entire world was following the events in Scotland with full attention.  For many of us it was very important to see how a very old nation could become an independent country in such a peaceful and democratic way. The Scottish case was an example of neatness, legality and legitimacy.

Suddenly I noticed some strange moves from the Spanish newspapers combined with some comments from conservative leaders and I knew that something unsavoury was moving in the darkness.

Spain is a young democracy and unfortunately international affairs have not been part of our strength, on the contrary, we all remember the Iraq war or the support for the attempted coup in Venezuela against Chavez with Aznar at the head of this embarrassing and undiplomatic episode. The old and rancid imperialistic spirit remains alive to the shame of all of us.

Very soon my suspicions became true: El Periódico and El Confidencial were reporting meetings between conservatives of both the UK and Spain to prepare a common strategy and stop the advance and the success of the independence movements in Catalonia and Scotland, even though they knew very well that both processes were entirely different. In the middle of these reports, the name of the Conservative leader Ruth Davidson came out along with the head of these meetings for the Spanish delegation, González Pons (the same González Pons that after the Brexit vote, realizing his earlier stupidity, spoke with the BBC to make the assurance that Scotland’s membership wouldn´t be vetoed by Spain in the case of independence … too little, too late). The photo of David Cameron and Mariano Rajoy together will always be remembered as the start of the “International Better Together Campaign”.

We all saw Mr. Barroso disgracefully interfering in the debate with an argument that we now all know was absolutely false (and insulting). And after Barroso, the Spanish Veto Myth appeared in all newspapers and all the BBC & STV debates with the assurance that Spain would be a real obstacle for the people of Scotland who were and are so pro-European. Lies and more lies.

Despite some Scottish bloggers explaining that there was no veto from Spain, the MSM spread not only this myth but all the false arguments of the Better Together Campaign. I lost count of the number of times that I had to try and clarify the reality on my media platforms.

Many EU Citizens voted NO in 2014 afraid of being left outside of the European Union. We know now that the Better Together Campaign lied to the electorate and they should be ashamed.

 And what now?

All those who were trying to alert us to this falsehood are now potential victims of the Brexit shambles. Not only the Scots and EU nationals living in Scotland, but many Scots living in European countries face the uncertainty of a no-deal scenario… and even the insecurity of a bad deal.

Like many Europeans, I’m married to a Scotsman. My husband, who has been living in Galicia for more than twenty years and speaks Galician perfectly well, has had no information whatsoever from the British Embassy. We learnt from the media that the British Ambassador says that there will be no problems at all, even in the case of a no-deal.  Don’t worry, be happy!

The same is happening with other Scots abroad. No info, no indications, no assurances of right of movement. I can easily imagine the scene: a boat sinking in the middle of the Atlantic without any lifeboats and the Ambassador shouting at all of us: “Tranquilos! No pasa nada!” Oh dear. 

Many of them are preparing the arrangements to get Spanish nationality, not because they feel at all happy with the political scenario here but because at least they will have their European benefits in full.

It has been painful thinking about the true reasons of those who voted for Brexit. Some of our relatives and friends voted for it. But the reality is that they voted NO in 2014 and this rendered their vote in the EU referendum irrelevant to the majority vote in England.

I can understand how the mantras and propaganda repeated every single time from broadcasters and newspapers had some effect. But I cannot understand the racist arguments. I never will.

How can people buy the argument of stopping freedom of movement? How can anyone accept the attacks on people who have come from Romania or Poland when they have relatives or friends in Spain, France and Germany? Are they aware that when they attack them, they are attacking us too? Are they aware that racism is racism? We are all together in this.

The idea of travelling with my husband to visit Scotland and having to pass the customs check points in two different queues is absurd. The very thought of receiving a notification of deportation from the Home Office for someone who has been part of the UK for years or who lives between two countries is heart breaking. Even having to get a visa is just nonsensical. It is devastating to think about being rejected because a few people have decided to make a profit from the idea of being isolated from Europe, or because they have decided to promote another old and rancid Empire in the XXI century.

So, it has been very helpful to see how in the middle of this darkness the Scottish Government is giving us some hope. The insistent messages and actions taken by the First Minister and Scottish MSPs and SNP MPs have given us the strength that we all needed. 

Nicola Sturgeon’s arguments have been reported in all the Spanish media. At the same time, she has become a brave and essential reference for common sense and internationalism. Her position is very valued and her trips around the Globe are now even more important than ever.

I cannot believe what I’m hearing from voices of the opposition, especially those who disgracefully created this Brexit shambles, criticizing the vital and necessary tours being made by the First Minister who, incidentally, is very well respected wherever she goes. Meanwhile some British channels are trying to minimize her work, her real day job. Shame on them!

The First Minister of Scotland is acting in the way that she needs to act, in the way Scotland needs her Government to act: reinforcing international trade networks, making stronger diplomatic links, promoting “Scotland the Brand” and spreading the word of Scotland as a welcoming nation; sharing the principles of social justice and standing up as a committed defender of the Human Rights Act. Nicola Sturgeon is already acting like the highest representative of an independent country.

And that’s precisely our hope. To see our Scotland free; the Scotland that is telling us every single day: “We want you here. We need you here. We support and defend your rights”. That is the Scotland we love and makes us proud. Thank you to everyone who has spoken up for us in the Scottish Parliament, in Westminster and abroad.

The lie that Scotland won´t be accepted as an equal nation and partner in the EU panorama has gone like many other lies told and repeated during the independence campaign. Again, the people who were conspiring to promote this should hang their heads in shame.

The Spanish Government owes the Scottish people an apology and they should also stand up for the rights of the Scots and the EU citizens to have a legitimate choice to stay in Europe. Scotland deserves that.  It is a matter of fairness; it is a matter of justice. Now is the time.