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domingo, 29 de decembro de 2013


The Better Together unhealthy obsession of putting as a valid reference anything that Rajoy or Mas say about the Catalan process, making a pathologic symbiosis with the Scottish process, invites us to reflect.

Statements like that from Ruth Davidson, reported in The Scotsman about Mas’s honesty that it should be an example to Alex Salmond (according the Scottish Tory speaker), provoke us in the first instance astonishment and lot of laughter, then the comparison offends those of us who know first-hand what is happening in Spain and in every one of the historic Nations of the Spanish State.

I have talked many times about the PP-Tory team trying to stop the independentist advances in all Europe. My concern is that Better Together (Tory, Labour and LibDem) don’t have any other argument of debate than legitimising every statement from the Spanish Government about Scotland and EU, or the (manipulated) declarations of Mas when he explains his expectations of independence for Catalonia; it is so concerning that they don’t explain at any point what the benefits and consequences would be for Scotland if they voted to remain part of the UK.

That question has been concerning me greatly for a long time. Since the beginning Alex Salmond has said very cleary that he doesn’t want to mix processes, because there are big differences between one and the other; and he was also very diplomatic in downplaying the importance of the first rumours about Spanish interference that started popping up from London. There have been lots of voices insisting on the differences of the two processes. By the way, voices with no suspicion of communism or independentism.

Aznar, Trillo, Cospedal, Margallo, or Rajoy himself... all of them members of the Popular Party and all of them relevant figures with power to explain and specify all the possible details as to why Catalan and Scottish cases are so different.

Some in Spanish media, other like Trillo in the Financial Times.

That is the why this “pasodoble” so badly danced between Madrid and London, arrives in Scotland and provokes entirely stupid, ludicrous and irresponsible statements from Tory, Labour and LibDem and some coverage in newspapers like “The Commentator” or “Scotsman” that leave a lot to be desired in journalistic ethic.

I’m going to be clear because to me and many others, to legitimise statements from the Spanish Popular Government and put them as an example is to legitimise the policies that the Popular Party is carrying out through all of Spain. Let’s be clear and may everyone assume this responsibility on their conscience.

When someone legitimises the Spanish Goverment statements, they are also legitimising the undercover dictatorship that we are living in  and also accepting the Spanish Goverment’s denial  of  the Catalan Nation to vote, when the people were in the streets claiming for a referendum; it is also legitimising the lack of democracy of this Spanish Goverment

When someone legitimises the Spanish Goverment they are also legitimising the abolition of the Historic Memory Law that would mean, for thousands of Spanish families (and foreign) being able to recuperate the remains of their loved ones who were tortured, murdered and abandoned in common graves during the Civil War (and Franco’s years), and by the way, there also British Internationalists amongst them..

When someone give authority to the Spanish Government it is also giving authority to the new “Security Citizen Law” that is nothing more than an updated and “Better Version” of the “Ley de Vagos y Maleantes” of Franco’s times whereby this Government criminalizes all those who are in demonstrations fighting and claiming for our most fundamental rights.

When someone legitimises the Spanish Government they are also legitimising the unhuman stance of keeping the dangerous razor-wire on Melilla’s frontier that is causing very serious injury to those trying to go over it. The Spanish Goverment thinks that if any private individual can use this method, then the State can use it too.

Legitimising the Spanish Government is to legitimise the brand new Abortion Law whereby women are deprived of being the owners of our bodies, in a very clear regression of women’s rights, a regression which has been driven by the most fanatically-religious sector of this Government and the neo Spanish Inquisition.

A few days ago, someone was telling me off for using the term “fascist”, but because of my experience working in a library I have special affinity with newspaper arquives and dictionaries and I also like to call everything by its real name. I hate those euphemisms and manipulating definitions that the neoliberals love.

Whilst those in Scotland are very fortunate to have this historic opportunity and can exercise the most sacred and legitimate right to vote (DEMOCRACY), in Spain we are trying desperately not to go back to the darkest times in our history. And if the Left don't wake up and are able to leave aside their selfishness and thoughtlessness, it is going to be very difficult to stop it and we will have no other option than to live in exile like many others did before.

This is not an exaggeration. A few month ago, Nationalist Parties from Galiza (BNG), Basque Country (BILDU) and Catalonian (ERC) decided to work together for the European Elections in an attempt for the historic nationalities (recognised by the Spanish Constitution and each of them with its own Statute of Devolution) to have a voice in Brussels. That is not casual. Our communities have seen their powers decreasing for many years, and this has intensified in the last years due to a very clear strategy of re-centralitation of the Spanish State.

The latest project from the Spanish Goverment, with the excuse of the crisis, austerity and the duplication of powers, is to make disappear the Court of Accounts and the Ombudsman (Consello de Contas and Valedor do Pobo in the Galician case). Perhaps it is true that for different reasons these Institutions are not so effective as desirable, but during the last few years they have been denouncing multiple irregularities on the management of budgets as much as the vulnerability of the citizens faced with the abuses from Public Administration.

It is very obvious that those Institutions are a nuisance and the Spanish Government’s solution is to stop these denouncements of ever more scandalous corruption cases, putting the citizen in ever more vulnerability,  it is nothing more than recentralising everything to have total control.

That is the possibility, in my opinion,  that could become a reality in Scotland if the No vote wins. The neoliberal strategy of weakening the economy with continuous cuts of budgets, and the posterior speech on the worthlessness of the duplication of powers is indeed a true menace for all the Nations which are part of centralist States like Spain or UK.

Devolution powers are in danger as are the rights of the historic communities, our culture, our own history, our own language, our own economy, our fundamental rights as human beings

So, Better Together people, please, stop insulting our intelligence, stop offending us by manipulating and legitimating everything that comes from the Spanish Government, because it is very shameful of you to belong to a team that has nothing to do with Scottish reality... unless you are the same and you too are cheating people. Let’s hope that that is not the case, and that you would be able to explain what your alternative is to a Yes for independence, for your own good and your own political dignity.

And for all of you that think Scotland could be isolated from Europe or the World, think about those who are living abroad, emigrated; those who when someone ask where they are from, their answer is : I’m Scottish. They were, are and will always be your permanent link with the world. Scotland is never going to be isolated.


A enfermiza obsesión de Better Together de poñer coma válida referencia o que di Rajoy ou Mas en canto ao proceso catalán e facer diso unha patolóxica simbiose co proceso que están a vivir en Escocia invita á reflexión.

Declaracións coma as de Ruth Davidson , recollidas no Scotsman, sobre a honestidade de Mas e da que, (segundo di a voceira dos Tory en Escocia) Alex Salmond debería tomar exemplo,  provoca nun primeiro momento asombro e risas a cachón, para logo ofendermonos pola comparación de quen coñecemos de primeira man o que se está a cocer en España e en cada unha dos territorios históricos do Estado Español.

En varias ocasión teño falado da equipa que forman Tory e PP para frear os avances do independentismo en Europa. O preocupante é que Better Together (Tory, Labour e Liberal Demócratas) non teñan mais argumento de debate que lexitimar cada declaración feita polo Goberno español sobre Escocia e a Unión Europea, ou as declaracións (manipuladas) Mas cando explica as súas expectativas de a independencia para Cataluña; tan preocupante coma que non expliquen en ningún momento cal sería o beneficio e as consecuencias para Escocia en caso que os cidadáns escoceses decidan seguir formando parte de Reino Unido.

Entrevista da Sra. Cospedal en Outubro de 2012
Hai xa moito tempo que esta cuestión me preocupa grandemente. Dende o primeiro momento Alex Salmond deixou ben claro que non queren mesturar procesos, porque hai  grandes diferencias entre un e outro, e mesmo foi moi diplomático quitando ferro cando os primeiros rumores de inxerencia española empezaron a asomar dende Londres. Son moitas as voces que ao longo de meses veñen insistindo na diferencia entre os dous procesos, voces nada sospeitosas de comunismo, ou independentismo precisamente.

Aznar, Trillo, Cospedal, Margallo, ou o mesmo Rajoy… todos eles membros do Partido Popular con relevancia e poder encargáronse de explicar e puntualizar con todo luxo de detalles porqué os casos de Catalunya e Escocia son distintos.

Algúns en prensa española, outros como Trillo no Financial Times.

Por iso, este pasodobre tan mal bailado dende Madrid e Londres, chega a Escocia e provoca declaracións totalmente estúpidas, irrisorias e irresponsables por parte de Tory e Labour e unha cobertura en xornais coma “The commentator” ou “The Scotsman” que deixa moito que desexar dentro da ética xornalística.

 Vou ser clara xa que para min e para moi@s de nós, lexitimar as declaracións do Goberno do PP e tomalas como exemplo é lexitimar as políticas que o PP está levando a cabo en todo o Estado Español, que quede claro, e que cada un asuma na súa conciencia esa responsabilidade.

Cando alguén lexitima as declaracións do Goberno español, estase a lexitimar tamén a corrupta ditadura encuberta na que estamos vivindo que impide a un pobo coma o catalán que saíu á rúa para solicitar un referendo de independencia en milleiros de persoas realizar o mesmo. Estase a lexitimar a falta de democracia deste Goberno.

Canto se lexitima ao Goberno español, estase a lexitimar a derrogación da Lei da Memoria Histórica que permitiría que miles de familias españolas e estranxeiras puideran recuperar os restos dos seus seres queridos asasinados, torturados e abandonados en cunetas ou en fosas comúns durante os anos da Guerra Civil (e posteriores da ditadura), por certo entre eles hai británicos internacionalistas.

Cando se lexitima ao Goberno español, estase a lexitimar a nova “Lei de Seguridade Ciudadá” que non é mais que unha copia actualizada e “mellorada” da “Lei de Vagos e Maleantes” de tempos de Franco, coa que o Goberno criminaliza a todos aqueles que saímos en manifestacións a reclamar e reivindicar os nosos dereitos mais fundamentais.

Cando se lexitima ao Goberno español, tamén se lexitima a postura inhumana de manter as coitelas na fronteira de Melilla, que provoca gravísimas lesións a todo aquel que intenta cruzala. O Goberno español pensa que si un particular pode utilizar estes métodos, o Goberno tamén.

Cando se lexitima ao Goberno español, estase a lexitimar a última reforma da Lei do Aborto, na que se nos priva ás mulleres a ser donas do noso corpo, nunha clarísima involución dos dereitos das mulleres, involución impulsada polos sectores mais ultra católicos do Goberno e a neo Inquisición española.

Hai uns días alguén me chamaba a atención por utilizar o termo fascista, pero pola miña experiencia traballando en biblioteca, gusto de hemerotecas e dicionarios e de chamar a cada cosa polo seu nome. Aborrezo os eufemismos e a manipulación das definicións que tanto aman os neoliberais.

Namentres en Escocia sodes afortunados por poder ter esta oportunidade histórica e exercer o voso sagrado e lexítimo dereito ao voto (DEMOCRACIA), en España estamos tratando desesperadamente de non retornar aos tempos mais escuros da nosa historia. E se a esquerda non esperta e deixa atrás os seus personalismos e ás súas inconsciencias vai ser arduo difícil para esta involución  e non nos vai quedar mais remedio que vivir no exilio coma moitos d@s nos@s devanceiros.

Non é unha esaxeración. Hai uns meses, partidos nacionalistas de Galiza (BNG) , Euskal Herria (BILDU) e Catalunya (ERC) , decidiron traballar xuntos cara ás Eleccións Europeas, nun intento de que as Nacións históricas (recoñecidas na Constitución española e con Estatuto de Autonomía propio) tiveran voz en Bruxelas. Non é casual. As nosas comunidades, levan perdendo dereitos recollidos nos nosos estatutos dende hai anos, intensificándose esta perda de competencias nos últimos anos froito dunha clara estratexia de RE-centralización do Estado.

O último proxecto do Goberno español, poñendo por desculpa para todo a crise  a austeridade e a duplicación de competencias, é facer desaparecer os Órganos de Control e Auditoría e aos Defensores do Pobo (Consello de Contas e Valedor do Pobo respectivamente no caso de Galiza). Ben é certo que por diversas razóns non son tan efectivos como sería desexable, mais nestes últimos anos veñen denunciando múltiples irregularidades tanto na xestión dos orzamentos coma na vulnerabilidade dos cidadáns ante os abusos da administración pública.

Evidentemente estes organismos molestan e a solución para que non sigan denunciando os cada vez mais escandalosos casos de corrupción ,e a continua indefensión da poboación non é outro mais que re-centralizar para ter total control.
Esta é  posibilidade que eu vexo mais que factible  se leve a cabo en Escocia de ganar o non. A estratexia neoliberal de debilitar as economías con continuos recortes de orzamentos, e seu posterior discurso da inutilidade da duplicación de competencias é unha verdadeira ameaza para as Nacións que conviven nun Estado de características centralistas coma España ou Reino Unido..

Os poderes autonómicos están en perigo así como os dereitos das pequenas comunidades históricas, a nosa cultura, a nosa propia historia, a nosa lingua, a nosa economía, os nosos dereitos fundamentais coma seres humanos.

Por tanto, señores Better Together, por favor, deixen de ofender á intelixencia, deixen de insultarnos manipulando e lexitimando todo o que chegue do Governo de  España, porque é unha verdadeira vergonza que formedes parte dunha equipa que claramente nada ten que ver coa realidade escocesa.... a non ser que vós sexades iguais e esteades a enganar á poboación. Espero que non sexa así, e que poidades explicar cal é a vosa alternativa ante o SI á independencia, pola vosa propia ben e dignidade política

E para tod@s aqueles que pensen que Escocia pode quedar illada de Europa ou do mundo, pensen por favor  naqueles que viven na emigración e que cando lles preguntan de onde son din con orgullo: Escocés. Eles foron, son e sempre serán o voso permanente vínculo co mundo. Escocia xamais vai estar aillada.