martes, 13 de novembro de 2018

Journey to Yes #22 via @PhantomPower14 #Scotland #UK #Indyref2

Clive Ponting says Yes. Clive Ponting is the original British whistleblower. Long before Assange and Snowden, Ponting leaked details of a cover-up that shook the British political establishment. Working as a senior civil servant at the heart of power, Clive Ponting grew increasingly uneasy by what he witnessed. The Belgrano affair was the final straw and Ponting's leaking of documents to MPs sparked a scandal that would lead to his arrest, trial and eventual aquittal. Clive went on to pen books on the affair, an insider's view of Whitehall and is the acclaimed author of works on the green history of the world and deconstructing the myth of Churchill.
In a live event and interview Clive reflects on his time at Whitehall and offers an insight into the murky and often chaotic world of British state which he sees as essentially corrupt. Clive has had a long standing admiration for Scotland and its values since his youth and moved from France to Kelso in 2016. Clive considers independence as the obvious choice for Scots as well as a way to escape the amoral British system. Brexit is both an opportunity and a danger for Scotland as Westminster may well use emergency measures to centralise power and dissolve the Scottish Parliament. The battle for independence may get nasty but it can and must be won.
Clive Ponting writes:

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Fishing after Brexit: voices from the coast -- #Brexit #BrexitShambles #Fishing #Fisheries

Small-scale fishers make up the majority of the 12,000 fishers in the UK, but often don't have a voice in decision-making. So this summer, we travelled to ports around the UK to talk to them and others and industry about Brexit, and their hopes for the future of UK fishing.

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Unhas pequenas recomendacións se visitades Glasgow (Escocia) #Glasgow #Scotland #Escocia #VisitingScotland #Trips

An unforgetable visit to Paradise // Unha inolvidable visita ao Paraíso #CelticFC #CelticPark #CelticvsHearts #Glasgow #Glasgowisgreenandwhite

Video en Galego // Video in Galician Language 

Video en inglés // Video in English 

Big Sammy's signed shirt 💚😍😍💚
GOTM Dec 2012
Thanks Celtic TV! 😉

Visitando o Yes Bar en Glasgow // Visiting the Yes Bar in #Glasgow #Scotland ---- #YesBar #YesMovement

Broadcasting Scotland - Better Media for a Better Future Promo #MSM #Scotland #BroadcastingScotland #Crowdfunding

Broadcasting Scotland is a new broadcaster for Scotland, producing programmes from a Scottish perspective, targeting audiences, inside Scotland and beyond. We can only be the independent TV channel you want with your support, so please support our Crowdfunder at

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The Galiza-Scotland brother and sisterhood in iScot Magazine #Galicia #Escocia #Scotland #Article #RosaliadeCastro #RabbieBurns

Que felicidade ver o meu primeiro artigo sobre irmandade Galego-Escocesa publicado en iScot Magazine: "From Glorious Broth to Gracious Haggis"

What a joy to see my first article published in iScot Magazine about the Galiza-Scotland brother and sisterhood : "From Glorious Broth to Gracious Haggis"

The great experience of the #FullScottish with Broadcasting Scotland // A grande experiencia do Full Scottish #Brexit #News #Scotland #Galiza #Fascism #EUResolution #Catalonia #Brasil #US

Video en inglés / Video in English  

Video en Galego / Video in Galician language 

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