xoves, 9 de novembro de 2017

From no to yes - Journey to Yes #19 via @PhantomPower14 #Scotland

Bryce says Yes. Bryce believes true independence for Scotland can only be achieved for with a commitment to abolish the British monarchy who he sees as an unaccountable and undemocratic institution that isn't fit for the purposes of a modern progressive society. The breaking Paradise Papers scandal that exposes the questionable financial practices of Prince Charles and The Queen only serves to underline the point. Bryce is also one of approximately 60 thousand people living with autism in Scotland and his experience has left him disgusted with the inhumane Tory welfare reforms. Bryce backed Brexit but is open to a reformed Europe and believes Scotland should decide on its relationship with the EU after independence. Some may remember Bryce from his appearance on the BBC Scottish Leaders Debate during GE17 . He gives his impressions of the show and his memorable encounter with Ruth Davidson.
Bryce is a member of Republic UK:

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