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Protecting Ruth Davidson #BBCbias #Scotland #ToryParty

Newswatch Scotland presents: ‘Protecting Ruth Davidson’

Roll up roll up, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the BBC Ruth Davidson show.  The final NEWSWATCH pilot created through our recent fundraiser is now complete, so a big thank you to all those who contributed.
This clip focuses on the BBC’s overly cosy relationship with Ruth Davidson, and how the TV station appears to be protecting her from proper scrutiny after a range of serious issues involving Tory councillors.
Due to our limited resources, producing these pilots proved to be a difficult process, leading to the conclusion that we will be unable to continue this production on a regular basis. Scripting, monitoring, research, shooting, editing, graphics, production equipment – these tools and skills required, along with a need for a decent sized studio space, all require financial support which is probably beyond our means at present, particularly when the desire is to maintain continuity and control and create stories on a fairly regular bases over a sustained period of time.
However, there may be others who wish to develop this form in other ways, or with greater resources can support any future ideas for production. But in the meantime, I have been mulling over an idea for other short film pieces with a more cultural, historical framework involving a Scottish writer/historian, so more on this later if it develops wings.
Another idea is to raise funds to employ someone on a full time basis, say initially over a period of two to three months, who can gather together and distribute all material created by the alt-media community about the BBC and its horrendous bias. Anything from articles, documentary, Inform Scotland strategy & publicity, etc.  The idea is to distribute this material to as wide an audience as possible, using social media, and expand the knowledge to those who still are unsure about the reality of BBC deception and lies. Is this a possibility – is it feasible?
Feel free to post ideas, suggestions or similar in the comments section below.  In the meantime, I give you ‘Protecting Ruth Davidson’ presented by David Hooks.

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