xoves, 22 de novembro de 2018

Direct Action Campaign : #KeepScotlandtheBrand #FoodandDrink #ScottishProducts #Scotland

Welcome to the #keepScotlandtheBrand direct action campaign! All supermarkets cover the provenance of our #FoodandDrink with DEFRA’s ‘Great’ campaign to some extent. Many people have no choice in what they buy, either because of availability or price. The #keepScotlandtheBrand direct action campaign should send the message home. 

How do we send a strong message encouraging supermarkets to label food clearly? 
We send the packaging back! If you find it hard to buy the produce you are looking for because it is buried beneath generic labelling, let the supermarkets know.

Take the packaging, make sure it is clean and dry - we want to be respectful of the people handling it - write a positive message explaining why you think they should #keepScotlandtheBrand and send it back to customer services. If you go online and search for the 'freepost' of the supermarket in question that makes it even simpler to send the packaging back. Be creative! Some folk are talking about writing poems or sending sketches. Let's send a positive message for Scotland's producers 

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