luns, 22 de setembro de 2014

For the record: some reflections on the result

I just received some emails from Scots friends. I think you are very tough on yourselves. Honestly, I don´t think that you deserve to be blamed for the outcome of the referendum. You don´t deserve to be punished because you were David and Goliath was too strong to defeat. 
Godness me!  

All your friends abroad know the difficulties of fighting for freedom. We know who is the enemy. 
The very night of the referendum, I felt like when the Popular Party won the Autonomous Elections, or when the Popular Party won the General Elections in Spain after a very dirty and hard campaigning. No one understands how people can believe these guys, but that's the goverment we have right now, and that has cost us a huge cut in economy and rights.
Dear friends, you have been working for at least 2 years, with EVERYTHING against you! The dirty tricks started when the refendendum was announced and have continued ever since.

Westminster used all its power and treachery, encouraging politicians and former politicians to spread falses statements like about EU membership and how isolated you would be in the case of a Yes vote. They have cheated you about more devo powers that they will never give you, because that is all they know how to do. 
They had the BBC and all the newspapers, local and international, repeating for 2 years the same  lies ad nauseam. The mainstream media's behaviour was absolutely disgraceful.

You have been an example of unity, all together working for a better society and a better future. 
The Establishment is very strong but won't be able to keep the lies going for much longer.

I'm absolutely sure that Scotland is going to be an independent country. I can tell you, maybe, sooner that you realise. 
Until then, please keep fighting, keep working to make this possible. And don't worry about us, we want you to be free, and we'll stand with you every single day until you achieve that just victory that you so deserve.

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