venres, 5 de setembro de 2014

Solidarity with Scotland: two weeks to go! Let's show our support!

Messages from our facebook page:

Jef Bouquet: As a french descendant of Mac Alpine home you get your independance
Pat McKay: As a Canadian,descendant of the Mackenzies of Ballone and Coigeach, ( as well as MacDonalds, Gunns, Mackays, Stewarts and Frasers), be brave! Don't listen to the lies and vote YES. I want to come "home" one day and would love it to be to an INDEPENDANT Scotland. Cheering for you  

Heinz Ressmann: Greetings from Austria. We hope Scotland is a role model for other regions in Europe. To the self-renewal ability of Europe as a living continent continues to carry with independence and self-determination in this century of. Viel Erfolg! - Much success!

Eci Maestri:  Stay alive!keep on dreaming your dream is the same of every man who want to be free! 
Jacques Reyniers: Come on You Scottish people, this is a one time in history possibility, take it with both hands by all saying yes !!!

Louis Vicenti : Wish all my Scottish friends all the best of luck and look forward to a positive YES result. This is your chance Scotland, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do not let the future pass you by. Lots of love from Malta.

Catriona Birnie: I was born and brought up in Galashiels, I really wish I could be there to vote YES...I live in the Florida Keys, USA and I will be happy to change my passport from a UK to a Scottish one

Faruk : Hi! I'm Faruk, from Turkey. I'd like to say that my heart is with your cause. I mean take your rightful indepences from brits. I'm believing that every true nation should rule itself. Scotland belong to Scots! My Scots brothers and sisters I'm begging you to vote YES! Those three simple letter makes you free people of Scotland! And one day when I'll visit Scotland I want to see your cross in the sky not the unionjack. Loves from Turkey."

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