xoves, 27 de outubro de 2016

#Indyref2 como resposta ao engano no Reino Unido // #indyref2 as a response to the UK deception #Brexit

In my latest article published in Sermos Galiza, I explain how the false and so often repeated message from the Better Together Platform, and from the UK Government on the Scotland's EU membership during the referendum campaign in 2014, gives full legitimacy to Nicola Sturgeon to convene #indyref2 after the outcome of the Brexit referendum in which 62% of Scots voted to remain in the EU.

I also explain how this call would be conditioned by the result of the UK internal negotiations on Brexit. I remark that #indyref2 would be the last opportunity for Scotland to determine its own future as an independent country, so, it would be essential to win a second referendum therefore the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon could end up being seriously damaged. 

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