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[Translation] MEP González Pons full speech at the European Parliament #brexit #ScotlandinEurope #ScotRef #EU

Esteban González Pons (PPE). - Mr President, during the last three hundred years British politicians have been so successful on the right side of politics that they have ended up believing that the right thing was simply to be English. And that is where, unfortunately, now they are wrong.

They are wrong because reason is always on the side of solidarity. They are wrong when they leave, but want to organize the lives of those who remain, like today, when the conservatives are presenting a plan for the future of a European Union in which they will no longer be.

They are wrong when they want us to close the single market to Scotland, which wants to be European, but they are trying to leave us Gibraltar in, which is not a constitutional part of the UK and which is a tax haven.

They are wrong when they do not see that extreme nationalism leads to racism. Only seven days have passed since Brexit and we've heard nothing but contempt for Spain and other nationalists with the word "war" in their mouths.

They are wrong if they believe that outside the European Union they will have the same friends as inside, the same rights as inside, the same opportunities as inside. They are wrong if they think that the Europeans prefer a good fight to a good agreement.

They are wrong if they treat the European Union as a divisible project without realizing that the United Kingdom is also divisible. They are wrong if they think that the European Union is not going to defend each and every one of its Member States. We are not going to give in when facing the future. Europe is the largest market in the world. Europe is the world's largest space for peace, freedom and security. Europe is the largest provider of social services in the world. Europe is the best idea that politicians of the 20th century had. We will not give up.

They are wrong if they think it does not hurt us that they are leaving. It hurts, and a lot. Unfortunately, this time it will be the UK that walks on the wrong side of the history. I say it with friendship, I say it with loyalty. You are making a mistake. You are going to hurt yourselves. You're going to hurt us all. With the same loyalty I say: I hope you will rectify it. And I say to you also -  May you not be blinded by pride!

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