martes, 4 de maio de 2021

Where is the Alba Party, BBC? // Onde está o Alba Party, BBC? #BBCbias #Holyrood2021

The cheeky ALBA Party have cocked a snook at BBC bias.

Tonight they have projected the ALBA symbol onto the Headquarters of the BBC in Scotland. This pawky protest is against the BBC Scotland decision to ban Alex Salmond from the television debates.

ALBA Campaign Manager and Lead Candidate for West Scotland Cllr Chris McEleny said

“The BBC apparatchiks may take our debating lines but they cannot take away our freedom to make a fool of their attempts at censorship.

"By depriving ALBA of our proper position in the debates and in their news output they have exposed themselves as unfit to be Scotland’s public service broadcaster.

When ALBA’s community based campaign proves successful BBC bosses will spend the next five years explaining why their attempts to rig an election left them with egg on their faces and the ALBA symbol on their building”

Protestan proxectando o logo do @AlbaParty nos edificios da BBC en Glasgow. A exclusión da organización de todos os debates electorais e o constante boicot informativo da canle contra a organización política en plena campaña motivou esta protesta 

Se non é escoitada, ao menos Alba será vista, din os que levaron a cabo a protesta.  

#Holyrood2021 #BBCbias

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