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Alex Salmond Launches ALBA Party Manifesto : “SHAKE THINGS UP” #Scotland #Holyrood2021 #AlbaParty


  1. ALBA are one month old as a political party.
  2. The manifesto is the product of three ALBA policy conferences held with the assistance of independent experts including Professor Harry Burns, Professor Lindsay Paterson, former Governor of Corton Vale Rhona Hotchkiss, Dr Nighet Riaz and Gareth Wardell.
  3. ALBA has 32 candidates standing across Scotland on the regional list ballot - 18 women and 14 men.
  4. ALBA now has 5000 members, 2 MPs and some 20 elected Councillors across Scotland.

  1. ALBA is an independence supporting social democratic political party standing for economic prosperity, social equality and environmental responsibility.
  2. ALBA stands for much more urgency in the pursuit of independence and will table a motion in three weeks time instructing the Scottish Government to immediately begin independence negotiations with Westminster.
  3. ALBA believe that they can contribute to an independence #supermajority noting that if even half of previous SNP voters switch to ALBA on the regional list then an additional 20 plus independence supporting MSPs will be elected.
  4. ALBA advocate that the election of the independence #supermajority will change the power balance between Scotland and Westminster in Scotland’s favour with up to 90 MSPs supporting independence elected in a parliament of 129.
  5. Three quarters of all voters, including nearly 90 per cent of SNP supporters, reject the idea that it is “cheating” for ALBA to stand only on the regional list and instead believe it is for voters to decide who to vote for - (Panelbase Polling)

  1. The ALBA direct route to independence including an Independence Commission reporting to a Special Committee of the Scottish Parliament and a Convention of all Scottish Parliamentarians meeting in the Royal High School Chamber.
  2. The ALBA economic reconstruction plan is fundamentally more ambitious than anything else on offer by mobilising capital through the Scottish National Investment Bank to finance socially rented housing and other key infrastructure projects.
  3. The creation of a Scottish National Renewables Corporation to finance the transition from a carbon based economy. The SNRC will receive an automatic shareholding of all licensed energy projects of 30 MW and above.
  4. The introduction of a development land value tax to disincentivise the hoarding of land resources.
  5. A proposal for a written Constitution for an independent Scotland.
  6. Free school breakfasts and lunches for nursery, primary and secondary pupils using high quality Scottish produce centrally purchased with menus devised by leading Scottish chefs and nutritionists - every week of the year. 
  7. A proposal for Scotland to join the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and through EFTA admission to the European Economic Area while maintaining the Common Travel Area and potentially a customs union with the rest of the U.K. This would serve as either an interim position from which to negotiate EU membership or a long term proposal depending on the view of the Scottish people.
  8. The strongest defence of women’s rights and single-sex spaces proposing a Citizens Assembly to reconcile the search for equality with the hard won rights of women.
  9. A new Scottish currency to be introduced at an early date following independence with sterling still used as a dual currency over a period of time.
  10. The introduction of a second revising chamber for Holyrood based on a proposal from the Citizens Assembly

And ten other measures
  1. Doubling of the Educational Maintenance Allowance
  2. Recognition for role of black taxis and private hire by matching Northern Irish Covid support payments
  3. Campaigning for WASPI women
  4. The Scottish Parliament to immediately apply for observer status in the parliamentary wing of the Nordic Council and the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe.
  5. Reframing public sector purchasing and procurement to favour Scottish and locally based business.
  6. Build a new generation of world-class modern care homes which are better and safer for residents and more efficient in running costs.
  7. A major expansion of available capital from the Scottish National Investment Bank to offer finance from start up companies emerging from universities and colleges.
  8. Hold a Festival of Scotland in 2023 to promote our arts, our cultural heritage and the opportunities beckoning for the arts to flourish in a newly independent country.
  9. Sports and gym facilities to be provided free to the under 18s
  10. A Disability National Support Centre to be established to provide guidance on accessibility products and disability mentoring.
On Thursday May 6th , and on the regional list,

Vote Independence, vote Scotland, vote ALBA.

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