martes, 13 de abril de 2021

John Buchan, of the Peterhead boat FAIRLINE, has declared in support of the new ALBA Party // Importante apoio ao Alba Party do patrón de Pesca, John Buchan #FishingSector #

Excepcional e importantísimo apoio explícito dun dos patróns de Pesca con máis experiencia de Escocia ao Alba Party e á independencia de Escocia

John Buchan, patrón e armador de Aberdeen:

"Se aparecera en Peterhead mañán, entón tería que aprender a nadar moi rápido porque probablemente sería tirado ao peirao porque utilizou a industria pesquera escocesa como fútbol político"...." #FishingSector #Brexit
"A industria pesqueira é importante para Escocia e creo que canto máis poder teñamos para que Escocia se convirta nun estado-nación independiente, mellor e todo o que podo ver é que axudaría ao longo do camiño". #Holyrood2021 #Pesca #Brexit #Escocia

“Back in the 2016 referendum on an almost daily basis at the harbour in Peterhead, you had either Boris Johnson or Michael Gove, a’ these people who made political capital out of the fishing industry. Now of course they are conspicuous by their absence.

"If Boris Johnson was to turn up in Peterhead tomorrow then he would need to learn to swim very quickly because he would probably be tossed in the dock because he used the Scottish fishing industry as a political football ...that is take control of our waters, bright new dawn for the fishing industry, it’s all been lies, I feel we’ve been let down very badly, we’ve got the worst of both worlds.

"Unfortunately, fishermen thought that removal from the Common Fisheries Policy would revert back to the halcyon days of the 1950s and 60s when you could go to sea and catch what you want where you want and do as you please, that of course was never going to happen. The net result of Brexit also means that there has been a huge marketing issue ..... the big problem now is because the higher-end market that we target in demersal fish and the langoustines, predominately the market for that has been in the continent which appreciates the value of fresh fish.

“It is imperative that we start getting better access to the market because any businessman will tell you that his customer is the most important person and it is imperative that we try and eradicate some of the bureaucracy that has now come in as a result of Brexit which has made it more difficult to export, it was very easy to export before Brexit it is now more difficult because every piece of bureaucracy has to be paid for and that money has to come out of fishermen’s pocket.

“Alex Salmond was always there when the industry needed him and tried his best and listened when the industry needed him and I can’t recall him once making political capital out for the industry. The fishing industry is important to Scotland and I think the more power we have for Scotland to become an independent nation-state the better and all I can see is that ALBA would help that along the road.

"What the British Government has done in recent times is used us as a political football for a political end and when push comes to choke they have cast us adrift. Norway is a completely different kettle of fish, fishing is a very important and trained industry to their government”.

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