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A few years ago, I was watching a program about Brittish people living in Spain. I was shocked! People living in Spain for 20 years or more and not a single word of Spanish.. oh my god... how can that be possible? Galicians have very strong feeling about their language despite our politicians believing that  Spanish is in danger or that we had better learn English instead of our own mother tongue... you already know about that... "Españolizar""Spanishize" is the strategy.... Galiza, Catalonia, Basque Country...

I don't think that the Galicians will be in trouble if we have to learn any languages, in fact we had to do it many years ago... lots of different languages because we had to emigrate (like these days...) to France, Germany, UK... and good or bad, we will always manage to comunicate, above all because a universal language exists and also an instinctive necessity to feel at home.

 I think Scottish people are a wee bit the same way... so, if you are visiting Galiza, don't worry if you are speaking Spanish or Galician perfectly, just try... we wont be scared of anything, and we'll really appreciate your efforts. Galicians have a very special sense of humour, very similar to Scottish , and we can surely learn  from each other. 

Here you have some silly wee videos to show you that you don't have to be shy, or ashamed... even when the Galician President, singers, bankers or some Spanish politicians speak like this (and, by the way, they studied not at the Public School but at the (supposedly... lol) highest Private Schools in Spain... but they still try to convince us about the cuts of the Public Education.... hahaha.)

Núñez Feijóo, President of Xunta de Galicia having another very bad day...

No comments....


 and finally: the worse of our nightmares and the Hero of the spanish right wing....

If they weren't ashamed... why should we be? Don't you think?

P.D. If you are serious about learning Galego, you can check these links:



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