martes, 29 de abril de 2014

MY CONTRIBUTION TO #SolidaritywithScotland: From Douglas, Galiza (Spain)

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

Scottish Independence and the Foreign Office Devolution Unit

I understand that the Foreign Office has set up a "Devolution Unit" and you are looking for people’s opinions regarding Scottish Independence.

Although I have been resident in Galicia for over 18 years I am still intensely interested in all that happens in the UK and as a Scot this is even more the case with events taking place back home in Scotland.

This is indeed an excellent initiative as it is only right and proper that Her Majesty’s Government take stock of the World’s views and react accordingly.

I’m sure that the overall response to Scottish Independence that you are receiving from people and especially businesses is enormously positive given that Scotland is such resource rich and technically adapt nation with a highly educated and dynamic workforce who pride themselves not only on their ability but also their warm and hospitable nature as can be witnessed by our outstanding Tourist Industry.

With such high quality produce and innovative talent on offer it must make your job to promote Scotland as a wealthy and diverse part of the UK at the British Embassy very easy.

Independence will allow Scotland to flourish and realize its full potential which is great news for the rest of the UK who are its main trading partners. There is vast potential for the North of England in particular which will see many benefits from a more prosperous Scottish neighbour to its north rather than the constant drain of wealth and resources to the non-producing financial centres of London and the South East.

Business is business after all and Spain in particular with its existing involvement in such important sectors as fishing and energy production must be keen to maintain and expand their contacts with Scotland particularly when there is so much opportunity for growth.

I trust that you will continue to act in Scotland’s best interests as that is clearly in the best interests of the British state too and I’m also sure that you will do nothing to undermine the democratic process of the Referendum on the 18
th of September. Regardless of the outcome Scotland will continue share common links and objectives with the rest of the UK and our European partners.
I know how proud the UK is of its participation in and promotion of the right to self-determination of several nations around the globe such as Libya and Iraq. As one of the oldest democracies in the World and a model to others the British Government’s decision to encourage a democratic consultation and to remain neutral and not to interfere is highly commendable and a shining light to all. In contrast it must disappoint you to view the Spanish Government’s reticence in offering the same democratic right to the people of Catalonia and the Basque Country.

Scottish Independence will be decided by the people who live and work there and I’m sure they will make that decision based on a desire to do what is best for those very same people who live and work in Scotland, as is only natural. If they choose Independence it is my firm belief that it will also be to the benefit of the vast majority of all who live in the British Isles.

Would you please do everything in your capacity as British Ambassador to Spain to ensure that the good name of Scotland is upheld in all your dealings with the Spanish Government?

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

James Douglas Naismith

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