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EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY WITH SCOTLAND: Delegates of Régions et Peuples Solidaires (R&PS) from Corsica -EFA

The Coordinators of Solidarity with Scotland International Campaign would like to thank  Günther Fritz Dauwen (Director of European Free Alliance) and everyone of the international Delegates, MEPs, Corsican Mayors etc...  for sharing with us this great group photo from Corsica and for their fantastic contribution to this International Campaign.


Günther explained to us:

"Here is a picture from the group of delegates of Régions et Peuples Solidaires (R&PS) the umbrella of EFA minded parties in France, we were received in the Garden of the Mayor of Bastia, Corsica’s second biggest city"
From the left to right:
Gustave Alirol, president of R&PS/ Josep-Maria terricabras MEP for ERC/ in the public different Corsican Mayors / François Alfonsi former MEP PNC and President of EFA now/ Mona Bras Political leader of the UDB Bretton Party/ behind her Inaki Irazabalbeitia Former Aralar/EFA MEP/ Gilles Simeoni Mayor of Bastia (with red yes panel)/ Fabiana Giovannini PNC executive/ Lorena Lopez de La Calle Deputy in Basque Country, Parlament of ARABA/ Naigs le Gar Member of the Bretton Assembly UDB/ Former MEP JJ Biceps from Guadalupe and at least ten more regional members of Parliament from France

And they were with a group of 120 people!! Absolutely brilliant! 

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