domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Solidarity with Scotland: A message to the People of Scotland from Wales #indyref

Dear Scotland,

My name is Armon Gwilym and although I am Welsh I had the privilege of living in Scotland for nearly 10 years, from 1993 to 2003, where I met and worked with some amazing and fantastic people. In fact, I was living in Scotland during the referendum vote for the creation of the Scottish Parliament back in 1997, where I voted for the
new powers Scotland needed.

During my time there I work within both the public sector and the community and voluntary sector, working in the fields of community development and social justice to support and empower communities in Dundee, and throughout Scotland, with skills and knowledge to help them improve their own lives and their own communities.
Through this, I also worked in collaboration with other community groups and grassroots
organisations across the country to help improve the lives of people by making their case to, and influencing the Scottish Parliament and its policies regarding social justice, social democracy and anti-poverty agendas. And because of those experiences, meeting and working with some extremely capable and passionate people all over the country, making life long friendships, and my general experiences in Scotland, I can tell you, without question, that independence is the only viable option for Scotland today.

As a fundamental human right I believe that all people have the right to self determination, to have the opportunity and the power to change their communities and to build a positive future for everyone. Because only by having the power to, and control over their own resources, can any nation have the ability and the tools required to get to grips with and tackle the serious issues affecting their communities and peoples lives.

These opportunities don’t come along very often, and so I would urge all Scots to look at the facts, to look at the arguments, and hopefully vote the same way as millions of their fellow country men and women and vote yes. YES to a strong economic future, and YES to a new and vibrant Scotland.

So my message is simple, it’s your choice, it is your country, go for it Scotland!
All my best to you all
Armon Gwilym

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