domingo, 22 de xuño de 2014

OUR CONTRIBUTION TO #solidaritywithscotland Message from Matt & Kathy (Illinois) #USA

Thought I would share something we did the other night. We live in the US in a rural farming area in Illinois. We heard Pippa Middleton was with a group from England doing the "Race Across America" on bicycles among several other international groups. that would be passing through our small town around 1:30 A.M. We decided to make signs that had the Scottish flag on them that read YES 2014 and we also hung our big Scottish flag across our vehicle in a well lit parking lot for them to see! It was great fun for us to be there when they passed through showing our support for Scotland. It just goes to show a lot of people are in support of an independent Scotland far and wide! I hope it happen

Brilliant!  Thank you Matt and friends for sharing your experience with Solidarity with Scotland! 

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